The ghosts of owners past

Taking over someone else’s garden was always likely to be difficult.

You can get too obsessed over all the small decisions, that you would never have agreed to had you been present back then. Like: why did they put the compost bins in the sunniest corner? or why have they used gravel as a mulch around a fruit tree’s roots? or why do they have privet on three sides of the garden, when at least one neighbour (I checked) would be more than happy to lose it in favour of a fence of some kind?

Frankly, I ought to be too busy thinking about their two biggest mistakes to worry about all those small beans. Like: how did they navigate the expanses of slippy, slimy decking at any time outside of the summer months? and what were they thinking of, letting that apple tree get entirely out of control like that? But maybe even then, I ought instead to occupy myself, not so much with what was done wrong in the past, as with what we can put right, in the future, once we’ve left the garden for a season to see what transpires.


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