Here a cold snap, there a cold snap, but not everywhere a cold snap

We had a cold snap over the weekend: on Saturday it snowed, and then the temperature hovered around zero for another couple of days:


It stuck for a good couple of days, especially on the decking (which is partly hollow underneath for drainage purposes, but therefore lets in cold air):


Snow also persisted along the NNE face of the house:


I make a record of this because it will probably influence my future planning, especially along the driveway. However, a microclimate detail that was definitely worth noting is that my pelargoniums survived; firstly, on the step by the back door:


Secondly, by the patio doors, in an enclosed area I was sure had the potential to be a frost pocket:


This at least shows that, even though the temperature was cold enough to preserve a dusting of snow for a couple of days, the steepness of the hill and driveway means that frost is unlikely to develop near the house. The house might also be providing some shelter, both from cold air and also from the elements. At this rate I might have pellies for Christmas!


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