How much house could a growhouse grow

… if a growhouse could grow house?

I bought a growhouse a month or so ago from The Organic Gardening Catalogue. It was still sitting in its box, so I decided to put it up this afternoon:


It fits nicely in that alcove, although I need to remember it’s meant for plants and not just as a set of shelves. It’s about 160cm high, with four mesh tiers. You can see the polythene cover there on the bottom shelf, still folded up.

Because… I’m not completely sure what I should do with it in winter. Surely at this time of year seeds just won’t germinate, which means I’ll need to buy potted plants; which means (avoiding all the houseplants like poinsettias that have flooded DIY centres) I need to work out exactly what would benefit the most from being purchased now and overwintered, rather than purchased later and germinated.

The internet suggests overwintering half-hardies: really, all I have at the moment are the pellies: which a snowfall has failed to kill! I’m also not particularly keen on forcing bulbs for winter ornamentation, so I don’t need it for that either. Someone did chip in on Twitter and suggest a range of hardy and half-hardy herbs, which would at least be an improvement on it standing idle.

Right now, though, it’s improving the tidiness of our kitchen, which has been low on furniture since our move:


But I need to keep telling myself: it’s meant for plants; not just as a set of shelves. Not just shelves.

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