First snowdrops nibbled! but crocus and iris arrive

I spoke too soon! Those new snowdrop buds have been nibbled on, and I dread to think by what:


There are cats other than ours around, that tend to take an interest in anything at cat-head height (which this pot was) but my money’s probably on slugs: I’ve distributed a very sparse handful of semi-organic pellets around the garden, which has helped; but it’s been such a mild winter so far. Looking back, there was nibble damage back on the 15th, but it just looked like dry tips to the leaves.

On a more positive note, the Iris “Blue Note” is starting to appear:




As have the Crocus “Spring Beauty”, which we only planted three weeks ago, at night:


So mixed blessings, and I’m told that it’s not unheard of for early Elwesii snowdrops to be nibbled (although this is a Greatorex variety), and that they can recover from such a trauma. May we all recover from midwinter disasters so easily!


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