Housebound for Christmas

This Christmas both the Welsh rose and I have been unwell. We’ve also been tied to our new house by a number of inescapable commitments: the most important is Fishbreath McFattersons herself, who needs her daily dose of fishy biscuits; but we’ve also had urgent repairs to the house, right up to December 21; even now there’s scaffolding out the back (as I previously promised, more on that later.)

We’ve therefore been close to our road and its surrounding estates for at least a week, which means that I’ve not been near any particularly exciting gardens, garden centres or indeed plants for a while. But neighbours’ gardens usually fascinate me, and I spotted this particular gem on a side street near here:


Vinca comes from the Latin verb meaning “to bind”, and it was certainly pretty well established in that garden. We’re not yet so well bedded into our new home, but we’ve already put down one or two tentative roots. Here’s hoping that will continue in 2015.


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