New toy

Not just newly-refurbished secateurs, but actually new ones:


I caved and bought a pair of Felco No. 2, after having used Gwenfar’s No. 6: hers are modelled for a slightly smaller hand, but were still impressively comfortable and easy to use. I hope this pair will suit me down to the ground: already they clearly handle better than any I’ve had before.

You can see there that I also made sure I had an adjustment key included. Indeed, I actually bought one separately, only to find that one was included with the No. 2. I was a bit annoyed at this, as I wouldn’t have bought one had I known (the details on the website don’t mention it) but I found a good home for the spare key in the end, as Gwenfar needed one!

In the end, I never could assemble the old W59s to my satisfaction, so they’re being retired. Maybe if I can get someone to repair them properly, they can have them!


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