For flue-related reasons I won’t go into, we had scaffolding up throughout December, over Christmas and new year, and into January:


For previous-owner-related reasons I will go into, they had to cut a hole in the decking. It had basically rotted underneath containers which held two sad, shaded climbers, and therefore wasn’t safe to lay scaffolding directly upon. Like much of the rest of the garden, the decking was clearly a nice original idea that hadn’t really been thought through, or maintained enough to not cause far much more work in the long run.


This rottenness was what began to clearly tip the scales against keeping any of this decking. After a few narrow escapes from broken bones owing to its slipperiness, we’re both basically convinced it needs to be ripped out. I’m sure we could put effort into cleaning it, and treating it, and maybe that way get a year or two more out of it: but, really, why bother?


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