Brief hiatus, but luckily no hernia (only bruising)

On Friday I was struck by a car while cycling. Luckily neither of us was going very fast, but I’m still feeling a bit shook up: bruised and grazed, and achy in the joints that took my weight as I fell.

On Saturday I’d planned to get a load of plant supplies in a borrowed car anyway, so while I was stocking up on organic compost and manure, this Ficus elastica var Robusta “Tineke” just happened to fall into my trolley:


Here you see it keeping a peace lily company, on a gravel tray for reasons of humidity. Please ignore the wallpaper behind them, even if the chocolate and green tones eerily match the Ficus. The artificial plant, by the way, is a memento mori: placed there for balance, until we buy more plants! All three of them have been helping the Welsh Rose out, by looking after me when I needed it.

Today, after having to paint over that terrible wallpaper (unavoidable, for complicated timetabling reasons) I’m resting up. Given that paid work needs to take priority over the next couple of weeks anyway, expect a brief pause on this blog!


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