With a spring in my skip

Today’s sunshine felt like the true start of spring. And it also had me personally feeling bold: bold enough to consider diving in two nearby skips.

Skip-diving is perfectly respectable in my eyes—preventing items from spending millennia in landfill is a moral act—but I’m always keen to ask the owners first: not only is it a legal requirement, but it’s also very neighbourly! So any boldness required on my part is a social boldness, which I have to say is not always in my power to summon up.

Today, though…. I rolled up my sleeves, shrugged my shoulders, and set off down the road in the direction of the skips.

In the first, I’d seen a water butt a few days ago; in the second, a garden fork, and two bits of cut scaffolding timber that might help site the aforementioned butt. Sadly, closer inspection revealed that the water butt was fatally cracked, and the fork now long buried under other rubble, too heavy to shift. But this minor escapade has emboldened me in a longer-term way, I think: I’m now more keen to try my hand in the future, when something like the garden fork is obviously a time-limited steal.

If I come knocking on your door, then, be kind: if anything, I’m saving you pennies on your skip hire costs!


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