Old secateurs fixed!

Although I’d bought new secateurs, it still irked me that the old ones no longer had enough tension. Not least after all the effort I put into cleaning them. So when I heard Repair Sheffield were running a Repair Cafe at Heeley City Farm, I rushed over there on an otherwise grey Easter-weekend Saturday to see if they’d fix them.

In the end, it took three of us, two pairs of pliers, a pair of mole grips and an adapted table vice:

But we managed it. We were able to both reassemble and re-tension the W59s. And not only are my secateurs repaired, but the effort required from three people to manage it has gone some way to restoring my confidence too!

(Thanks to Repair Sheffield for fixing this and other people’s items. They’re there every month—so back there in May—and you should definitely go along to support, whether by bringing something to fix, donating a few quid or even helping out!

Not in Sheffield? You’re missing out, but there might be a repair cafe nearer you! That website isn’t exhaustive (at the time of writing, Sheffield isn’t on it) but it might help you discover one nearby.


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