Hardest frost of the season: in April!

I’m not one for documenting every sudden spike in the weather, but this morning most of Sheffield S2 woke up to what I would say anecdotally was the hardest frost of the season.

Until today I thought our garden just happened to be positioned so it would get very little frost, but it turns out not:


There was a good three or four millimetres of creeping stalagmites of frost there, blindly groping their way up overnight towards the cold blackness of space…. The upper decking was also hit quite hard:


with frost still in the shadows cast by the garlic pots:


Most worryingly, the condensation on the growhouse had frozen solid:


But thankfully my tender lettuce seedlings were still quite happy inside; the broad beans were of course still hardily hurlyburlying themselves out of their seed pods with not a care in the world.

Most interestingly it seemed that the further away from the garden, the harder was the frost: the lower decking by the house got no frost at all. Given that I was expecting our patio decking to be something of a frost pocket, trapping cold air, that in itself is quite an interesting development, and means I might relocate our growhouse down there when we begin our big redesign.

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