Potting up some lettuces, to get succession

As with our recent broad-bean potting-up, I’ve potted up a few (but not all) of our lettuce “Tantan” to start them growing at different rates. This way we get a succession of crops.

The tray of Tantan seedlings was also starting to get a bit crowded:


So it was good to pot a few on; the only worry is that I might have disturbed the roots of the others. But it’s still early in the season and I’m not focussing particularly on yield, so it should be OK.

Here’s a number of plants all ready to be watered:


On the left are six pots of heritage peas, just recently sown; I think the variety is “Latvian.” On the right is the somewhat ravaged-looking tray of Tantan seedlings, but they looked rather better after a bit of watering settled their compost again. Hopefully this will be my last year of gardening with quite such reduced space!



  1. Julieanne · April 20, 2016

    If the peas are from me, it will be Lativan.


    • jpstacey · April 20, 2016

      Yeah, you wrote that on the packet too: but do you mean Lativan, or Latvian? 🙂


      • Julieanne · April 25, 2016

        Argh, Latvian.


      • jpstacey · April 25, 2016

        🙂 That clears it up, anyway!


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