Buddleia cuttings

Buddleia will grow anywhere, right? Here, for example, is one growing in the brickwork above a row of shops in Oxford:

Buddleia in full bloom

But while I’ve had to hack back our own buddleia, it would be nice to be able to transplant it into our new garden, after all the landscaping and fencing has been completed. So today I took a couple of green-wood cuttings.

I found two completely green shoots, with at least three leaf nodes on them, and cut them just below a node. If the mother plant were weak, I would trim the stump back to just above the next node down, but then:

This. Is. Buddleia!

So I left the plant as it was. I trimmed all leaves off the all except the top node. This reduces transpiration until roots have started to grow, from the axial buds which remain at the nodes.

I put two cuttings in opposite corners of a square pot filled with sieved compost, holes dibbed and then soil pushed against the cuttings:


Then all of this went in a plastic bag, and into the growhouse.

All of the care should be unnecessary, given buddleia’s reputation: but I’ve had cuttings die off in the past, so would really like these to succeed. So fingers crossed they’ll shoot: I’ll be looking for new growth, and maybe for it to start colonizing the brickwork!


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