Part of new fencing will go up without us paying for it!

After we received our new garden designs from Sow & Grow, we realised the first main modification would be to extend the new fencing onto the third side of the garden. Even though we couldn’t remove the privet—it’s not ours!—it would still end up interfering with the greenhouse and shed if we left it open, and would need frequent maintenance: a solid fence would at least hold it back.

You can see the hedge we don’t own on my first End Of Month View, especially in this image:


Clearly a lot of privet we can only maintain, not remove. We’d just started getting quotes in for the landscaping and fencing (more on that later) and the expense of the fencing (now 50% longer) looked like it was going to be a large part of the cost.

So imagine our surprise when our neighbours on that side said, out of the blue, they were going to remove the hedge and replace it with hit-and-miss fencing! We hadn’t even mentioned our plans to them; but they were getting a new puppy, and the rescue centre said they needed to make the garden more secure to prevent unbearably cute doggy escapes.

Down it started to come:


Look at that view down the hill!


OK, there’ll be a fence in its place, but it should still leave us more light (even our low patio on the far side of the house seemed more illuminated towards sunset.)

Eventually it was gone, along with that scrappy section of wall to the left of our parking bay:


This would’ve got in the way of our proposed shed, so when they asked to take it down to get a mini-JCB in to grub out the privet (“we’ll put it back in if you like”) I jumped at the chance, and please don’t replace it!

Here’s the view up to our existing lean-to, as close as possible to the first image in this post:


They’re going to completely re-landscape that rather unattractive mound of subsoil next week. But in the mean time, the privet is gone! The privet is gone! Well, one third of it. Next step: speak to our other neighbours…!


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