End of Month View April 2016

The main change since the end of March has been our neighbours removing a third of our unwanted privet and replacing it with a fence. Otherwise good news, this has also unfortunately had the unwanted effect of making our garden look like the extension of a building site:


We’re hoping they’ll put the fence up this week; what they do with that poor pile of excavated subsoil is another matter entirely.

Down on the patio, our two inherited climbers are starting to leaf up; honeysuckle and winter jasmine:

IMG_20160430_162839_207   IMG_20160430_162850_368

They could both do with more sunlight, so that’s on our long-term plan. Underneath the euonymous we tried to canopy-lift, the bed is nice and airy, but still very dry:


I imagine the privet is contributing a lot to that, but we might need to revisit what gets planted here.

By the back door, Narcissus “Pipit” has just started to come out and will hopefully soon be accompanied by Tulipa “Temple of Beauty”:



It’s noticeable how slower these bulbs are compared to the ones up on the decking:


(Tulipa “Christmas Exotic” there having been a Wordless Wednesday in the past.) It’s also noticeable how the pot at the far end (which gets two doses of sun at this time of year) is so much more advanced. Narcissus “Delnashaugh” is multi-flowered, but not completely out yet:


Elsewhere on the decking, our row of garlic pots has been manured, which has improved their look and reduced the yellowing of their leaves. They’ve also been joined by a row of broad-bean pots:


Tucked in between them for a bit of shade from the wind is Salvia “Ember’s Wish”, which suffered from pest damage but is coming back with some new growth:


On the lawn, I’ve planted out several (more) lettuces of both Tantan and Buttercrunch, and improvised a temporary and rather eccentric windbreak until the fence goes up:


(The wind was roaring over them as I planted them out, so it seemed only fair.) The buddleia is beginning to shoot everywhere:


And over on the shady side the Daphniphyllum himalaense is putting on new, neon-green growth that bodes well:


Less so my third hardy-exotic purchase, the Impatiens omeiana, which I moved out of the wind into the growhouse to stop it from being buffeted and wilting:


I’ve since been told it needs moist, cool shade: which is hard to find in our garden at the moment. We’ll see if it lasts. The rest of the growhouse is looking remarkably tidy:


The Latvian peas have started to sprout; all the lettuce seedlings are going crazy; and we’ve had a few (but only a few) rainbow chard seedlings germinate. Not sure what caused the others to fail or at least be checked. Our carrots have begun to sprout little “rabbit-ear” seed leaves:


I think a few of the first row I sowed, that I thought I’d basically killed by watering then letting to go dry, might have survived. At any rate, I’m doing a lot of thinning here: I always seem to plant carrots too thickly.

The apple tree is starting to leaf, and will blossom soon:


The unknown Acer is looking lovely, with a sudden burst of plum-coloured leaves all over:


Lovely though it is, the Acer pains me somewhat, as it’s in entirely the wrong place and its roots are likely tangled up with the dead Prunus and the rear privet, all of which we’re likely to want to remove. We’ll see what new developments future months bring.

(Thanks to Helen Johnstone for hosting EOMV!)


  1. Helen Johnstone · May 1, 2016

    I have impatiens omieana it does look limp when lifted and needs some shelter and moisture but not boggy. If you are looking for things to go under the euonymus you could try vinca, epimediums (but not Japanese one as they like moisture) or perennial lathyrus Venus which is nice


    • jpstacey · May 1, 2016

      Good to know: they did tell me it was a recent lift. I’ll see if it perks up a bit… And thank you for the dry-shade suggestions, as they’re the holy grail of plant combinations! Maybe a bit of improving the soil might help it to retain a bit more moisture anyway, as it’s been covered and neglected for a while.


  2. Julieanne · May 1, 2016

    Woo – look at all that privet gone. Hopefully the new fence will be up quick and your lettuce seedlings survive ok. That Acer does look good. Damn awkward that it could be tangled up with the others. Damn those chumps (again).


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