Very quick End of Month View May 2016

It doesn’t really count as a full EOMV post, but here’s a review of what’s flowering in our garden at the moment, in a single vase!


The Tulipa “Antoinette” dominates the centre, with its flowers having turned slowly from a lemon-drizzle yellow to this gorgeous raspberry-cherry pink. Around it are red Valerian flowers, blue Centaurea montana, and an orange Geum “Prinses Juliana” off to the left. Below are a Choisya ternata, variety unknown, and the flowers of some variegated shrub that looked completely uninteresting until it produced them!

The garden as a whole is a confusing mixture of the pretty and the ugly at the moment, as we await landscaping work and tidying up of next door. But this vase hopefully captures some of the beauty in it, the diamonds that are easy to find in the rough.


One comment

  1. Julieanne · June 5, 2016

    Quite impressive given the state of your garden. I’d be happy with that vase of flowers indeed


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