Keeping ivy watered invisibly for several days of wedding

I spent last Friday drowning my sorrows at my sister-in-law’s wedding at Priston Mill, just outside bath. My mother-in-law, Joy Griffin, had done most of the floral arrangements for the event, and they were really beautiful.

Here’s all the ivy beforehand, drowning its own sorrows:


Which is all very well, but how do you keep it from going limp when you’re putting together beautiful table and windowsill decorations like this the day before?


Joy had a trick up her sleeve, which is to take the small glass “test-tubes” normally used for orchids and the like:


Then she filled them with water and an ivy stem each, and wrapped them in a pinned ivy leaf, for camouflage.

Once you know it’s there, you can just about see one of them to the left of the swag of ivy in the picture below:


But really, if you didn’t know what to look for, you’d have missed it completely!

At the end, the venue put all the flower arrangements to one side, and the parents of the bride were able to take them home: they just look unbelievable en masse on the table below:



The venue was stunning as it was, and of course nothing can outshine the bride (he said, hastily): but the flower arrangements really brought something else to what was already a lovely day. More of Joy’s arrangements, but outside this time:


… blend seamlessly into the pergolas, rose bowers and water feature at the heart of the garden…




… paths from which drift off along a lavender walk…


… and into the dusk, and the end of a wonderful day:


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