Eyam well-dressing

A bit over a week ago, a few of us stumbled across the well-dressing festival in Eyam. It was the Welsh Rose’s birthday

Gwenfar has already written about the dressings, but here’s a few more pictures. There was quite the crowd, including a brass band:


The main well-dressing celebrated a number of Eyam anniversaries, with the number of years since they happened:


The detail is mind-boggling: the bay (or hebe?) leaves behind Peter Rabbit, and the hydrangea flowers for his smock:


I love this cat, but I can’t work out what leaf could be used to make that black!


The dressings were huge temporary structures: like old wooden doorframes with a classical surround. In contrast the wells were very small, but this second one was especially very much like a hole in the ground:


Detail again:


Like the weird guy/diorama competitions in Cotswold villages, well-dressing appears to have turned into an excuse to decorate your house with, well, whatever you fancy:


I think that might be Kevin the secretary sat on the doorstep. Elsewhere, a maypole was being decorated:


I can’t tell if maypole dances are more or less eerie than Ghostbusters dioramas, but luckily the cafe was calling us away.

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