One last vegetable hurrah

Right now I’m full of a cold, and also waiting for October 24 when long, long-awaited fencing that kicks off our landscaping is meant to start (I’ll believe it when I see it!) Those two things together mean there’s not a lot of new things happening in the garden, although I do need to plant bulbs pretty soon….

In the mean time, our remaining vegetables are all racing to a soft finishing line of the weather getting colder, and a hard finishing line of the first frosts. Our “Latvian” peas—hoping to overwinter—have put on a decent amount of growth:


Although some undetermined pest is nibbling lower leaves to turn them into a kind of lacework affair. Could be woodlice or centipedes?

Tomato “Tumbling Tom”, despite me not being sure about it, is producing quite a few decent, small tomatoes:


Every few days we get a decent crop of them:


I wasn’t sure about Tom, because the trailing varieties are almost impossible to prune (and hence can get quite dense and prone to blight.) But it’s doing considerably better than our upright “Totem”, which has only produced one truss of decent fruit:


I’ve moved that round to the front, to get more sun and maybe ripen a bit before we pick the fruit and put the fruit with some bananas to ripen further indoors. Because the front of the house is also more exposed, I stuck a few more canes in to prevent the main stem from rocking so much it broke:


Now it’s round the front, “Totem” has been keeping the straggly remnants of our “Butterbush” squash plants company:


I think the watering has been intermittent, leading to fewer female flowers (and dropped fruit when they’re produced.) It’s pretty much the end of the line for the one above, but this squash fruit has some mileage in it:


Indeed, shortly after that photo was taken, I picked our sole squash, product of four (four!) plants:


It looks like a decent enough fruit in itself; I just wish there’d been more of them!


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