Planting 2017’s garlic

Using some of the remaining bulbs from this year’s harvest of Solent Wight garlic, I’ve planted up a potential crop for next year. Usually I plant in December, but the more noticeable voices in gardening are saying that now is almost too late, so I’ve rushed and pushed them into pots this weekend.

The last harvest suggested that planting several in bigger pots, rather than two or three in smaller ones, would lead to more consistent bulbs across all the crop; also, Gwenfar’s garlic experiments suggest that more cloves per pot lead to more garlic, albeit smaller bulbs. With that and last year’s pot sizes in mind, I’ve planted two lots of six:


And three quincunctes:


(Actually, I just get a thrill from inventing Latinate variants on “quincunx.”)

The arcane pattern of pebbles shows where cloves have been planted; the bits of twig are to try to keep the cats or fox or whatever it is from digging them all up. The green leaves are the privet sticks’ wilting last hurrah.

Just because I can (now we no longer have either privet or privet-removers all over it) I’ve positioned the pots at the back of the garden, by our new fence:


We won’t be doing much in the top left corner for a while (the next jobs on my list include levelling off the top right) so hopefully they can laze around here for a while, where they’re warmest and get the most sun. It’s all right for some.


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