The first bit of terracing is done!

After having decided that it was subsoil I’d unearthed, and not some kind of semi-decayed hard standing, I finally finished off the first ever bit of terracing!


The ground is roughly levelled to the bottom of the gravel boards on the left, and then raked over: but only a bit, as this is only going to be for compost bins. You can see in the top centre of the picture some kind of root which I’ve since grubbed up. And while I was raking, I uncovered more of the hard, yellow, bricky soil: so it definitely wasn’t hard standing, and I was probably OK to bury it again.

The dug-out soil has formed something of a scree all over where the stone wall(s) were:


So I’m glad I dug the stones up for reuse while I could still see them!

Now I’m only a few stakes away from putting up the first of my pallet-based compost bins, on this new site:


Helen Johnstone put one together with screws, but I’m going to see if, in the first instance, I can get away with stakes and maybe some ties made out of electrical wire to stop everything splaying outwards.

One limiting factor for me is the stump of what I think is an old laburnum, which is all of the rust-coloured ground in this picture:


This means I’ll need to offset one of the pallets from being perfectly square: the final shape will have a tail, making it slightly more “letter F” than “letter C”. Even then, a single bin should take all of the compost currently stored elsewhere, unlocking work on the rest of the garden.

I’m so pleased. I’ll be extra-pleased when the bins are all in place.


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