Compost bin moved out of the way of the new retaining wall

After finishing levelling the terracing at the top-right corner, I needed a way of lifting a few hundred litres of compost up about a metre or so, into the new bin.

It turns out (from Twitter feedback) that the first scaffolding company I rang was offering me a great deal on 4-metre boards, so I got eight delivered:


I was hoping that, with the help of these, I’d be able to clear out the existing brick bins:


So I put a couple of the boards up the slope, leading up to the new bin, with only support at either end:


Unfortunately they were springier than I’d expected. I didn’t really trust my weight, plus a barrowload, on the boards at the same time. Also, on the day I picked, the frost had left the ground a weird mix of slippery mud on top of ice-crystal slush, meaning that even with the boards things weren’t as stable as I’d hoped. But the long one across the top was useful for getting a bit of extra height with the later barrowloads.

Anyway, I still got to work, and while it took a good two hours, and maybe twenty barrowloads, it’s now all in the new bin:


The new bin is pretty good, although the compost is already so broken down that it’s really finding its own heap slope, spilling out of the front and sides a bit. I might put something against the front in the future, we’ll see.

Nonetheless, this job now leaves the old bins empty and ready to be dismantled:


I’m hoping there won’t be too much mortaring to crack, but the bricks do go down further than I was expecting. But that’s another day’s job to do it, once my back’s recovered.



  1. Julieanne · December 1, 2016

    You’re really cracking on with it. Given the chumps, I really hope taking apart the brick bins isn’t too difficult. Must be nice to have a functioning compost bin again.


    • jpstacey · December 2, 2016

      It turns out the chumps can’t really mortar a wall:

      Which is good as far as I’m concerned, but also explains why the bins kept collapsing painfully on my toes and ankles….

      I do like the new bin, but adding slightly messy kitchen waste to it hasn’t been much fun. It all pours forwards at the moment. I’m very likely to put slats across the front soon and weigh them into place with my newly acquired bricks….


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