Phacelia: you’re breaking my soil

Our front garden is pretty poor: the chumps planted both a creeping ivy and a prostrate heather; presumably in a spirit of low maintenance; both, of course, try to take over the entire space, bullying the white and blue bluebells, and looking menacingly at the choisya. Also, prostrate, creeping plants are practically invisible from the house, which is what led me to planter up some spring bulbs out there, with a bit of height that I could see from the window.

However, as we’re waiting on a May 2nd deadline for our trench footings in the back, there’s nothing doing out that way. So today instead I dug over our pseudo-gravel garden at the front; tore back the ivy and heather:


And planted up the dug-in stones:


I call it a pseudo-gravel garden, because the layer of gravel is too thin to be a proper one. But hopefully this will have improved the drainage at least, and its slightly southerly west-west-sou’west aspect should make it exposed and, in summer, warm.

The soil is pretty poor, so I’m hedging my bets and planting alternating rows of:

  1. A free packet of Bee Friendly Seeds that someone gave me some time ago.
  2. Some Phacelia tanacetifolia from Higgledy Garden that ditto.

The former will hopefully thrive in the rows, and be discernible from any weed seeds I’ve dug up; the latter will hopefully improve the soil, being a recommended green manure. And besides, my Phac-tan seeds were a gift, so if they do grow, then I can re-save the seeds, and improve the viability of what I think are often quite expensive plants.

I also dotted the area with a dozen Sunflower “Pastiche” seeds, which as with everything else can just fight it out. We’ll see!

The few remaining sunflower and Phac-tan seeds were sown up at the hottest corner of the back garden:


Other than the garlic, there’s not much happening back here—but also not much disturbance planned—so we’ll see what happens. Anything will be a bonus!


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