The trench footings are in

Twenty-one days ago, I was confident that the garden’s days as a building site were numbered. Well, it turns out they were: it’s just that I underestimated their number a bit.

But! Last Wednesday, the next phase was completed:

  1. Three cubic metres of concrete arrived…
  2. … And even though the van they’d specified was still too big for our driveway…
  3. Two hard-working landscapers capably ferried it all the way up and into the trenches for footings.

Here’s the lower, longer, deeper trench; before:




And here’s the higher, shorter, shallower trench; before:




Here’s Trench Inspector Indie, checking things out a couple of days later:


(When it had finally stopped raining, and I had finally been able to take some photographs.)

And here, finally, is more of a bird’s-eye view of the garden as a whole, so you might be able to see the future shape of the terraces and walls better:


It’s this last photo that gives me hope, to be honest. The garden still looks like a mess. But now it looks like a mess with structure: the structure will evolve; the mess will become backfill. Perhaps, just perhaps, we have passed through the nadir, and are climbing back out of it: muddy, but unbowed!



  1. Julieanne · May 21, 2017

    That last pic does show how the structure is developing. Congrats on finally reaching this point đŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joy · May 22, 2017

    Looks very impressive, JP!


    • J-P · May 22, 2017

      Thanks! The big visual difference has been the concrete layers’ work, though, but I’m really glad to see the structure starting to appear. For too long it’s just felt like a big mudpit!


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